Civil Aviation Institute Deparment’s Structure

Director Of Aviation Institutes

Aviation Institute Department 

●Responsible for the management of the aviation institute, and its administration.
● Responsible for developing the institute's curriculum
● Responsible for extra services and reception Responsible for the Aircraft maintenance garages licenses.
● Responsible for ensuring the quality of the subjects of the institute






Somaliland Aviation Academy (SLAA) is training directorate of Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority (CAAA). The school is established inside the Egal International Airport Campus on area of 500 square meters of land; 8 Km South of the city of Hargeisa and about 3 minutes’ drive from the Egal International Airport. The school was officially established under decree issued by general manager of Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority according to article 33 (Paragraph 3 section 7”) of Somaliland Aviation Law No.70/2017.Which aimed to upscale the knowledge, skills, and attitude of Somaliland Aviation current and potential aviation staff through provision of demand driven high quality trainings complying international recognized standards? The academy will deliver internationally accredited training of management, Aeronautical Engineering, and aircraft pilot in the long run.

    1. VISION

To be the horn of Africa aviation training center and produce skillful manpower capable of providing high quality aviation service

    1. MISSION

To become world class aviation academic through provision of accredited training courses meeting internationally recognized standards that will enhance employability skills to contribute country development and youth employment opportunity



To offer proficiency - Based training and ensure that Somaliland Aviation Academy (SLAA) ultimate goals to delivery high quality service to the public complying ICAO/IATA standards. Where staff competence is the priority to enable them to deliver such better services. The establishment of SLAA resulted from existing and the upcoming gaps as number of highly qualified and aviation experts are at the age of their retirement and in that regard Aviation Authority is trying to find a solution for the problem of upcoming gaps resulting from retiring experts and has set strategic direction of creating aviation Academy which will produce young skillful staff to bridge the gaps

  • Excellence: we are driven by the quest for excellence in everything we do.
  • Integrity, honesty and self-confidence: we ensure that all employees serve with self-respect, diligence and sincerity. This shall be the foundation of our customer relationships.
  • Customer oriented service delivery: in all our services, we respect the desires and aspirations of our customers. To us, a customer is a king in the service delivery process.
  • Teamwork: At Aviation Academy, we enjoy a work culture based on teams and collective responsibility. This has ensured synergy and thus better performance.
  • Partnership: Creation of strategic partnership with other organizations such as aviation academia, schools in the region, continental and the global as well.
  • Proactive, innovative, and creative: we undertake to take the environment head-on with creative programs that reflect our vision and that of the country.
  • Professionalism, cleanness, and discipline: We ensure a healthy work environment through measures and disciplines.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: It takes resources to translate plans into concrete actions. We ensure that while implementing this strategic plan, we shall ensure optimum use of human, material, time, and financial resources.
  • Gender sensitivity: Aviation Academy ensures that there is no gender bias involved in any of its capacity development programs.


  • To create the variety of training programs and the clients base in Horn of Africa and beyond.
  • To Improve Aviation Service Delivery through provision of standards trainings
  • To develop, motivate and retain a strong human resource for optimum school performance.
  • To create collaborations and partnerships with industry in line with current aviation trends.

To develop the capacities of Somaliland Aviation personnel to enable them conduct services professionally and ethically

Director of Aviation Institute Biography

Khadar Jirde Siciid Mohamoud


  • Currently Director of Aviation Institute
  • Former Deputy Manager of Egal International Airport.
  • Former Chief Operation Manager of Egal International Airport
  • Former CCTV Manager of Egal & Berbera International Airport.

Education Background:

  • Master of International Law (LLM) from New Generation University.
  • Master of Peace & Conflict Studies from University of Hargeisa.
  • Postgraduate of Peace & Conflict Studies from University of Hargeisa.
  • Bachelor Degree of Law (LLB) from University of Hargeisa.


  • Has more than 10 years' experience for public service
  • 8 years of experience for civil aviation and airport management.
  • 7 years of experience of Civil Society Organizations.


He speaks English and Arabic fluently.

  Khadar Jirde Siciid
Director of Aviation Institute
Civil Aviation and Airports Authority - CAAA

Republic of Somaliland.
Republic of Somaliland.
Tel: +252634240210, +252634118222