About Somaliland Aviation 

Somaliland Re-establish its Civil Aviation and Airports, As confirmed in Article 10 of the Constitutionof the Republic, Somaliland is committed to observing the multilateral international conventions. 

An International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) study attributes over 4.5% of global gross domestic product (GDP) to the air transport component of civil aviation.  

To develop an efficient aviation sector is an essential component for Somaliland GDP by supporting tourism, an industry with immense employment opportunities. 


To be a leading Civil Aviation agency in the region, and international flight hub that provides safe and secure airport services and facilities which is globally and regionally competitive. 


To create an enabling and sustainable environment through improved infrastructural facilities and efficient manpower to facilitate the civil aviation sector to provide safe and secure air services in all airports in Somaliland.  


  • Commitment: We will be dedicated to our team, its mission, vision and strategy  
  • Safe and Secure:   A leading safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation system, because it keeps the passengers at ease while flying and airplane will make to the destination safely.  

  • Customer Service:  We providing our passengers support during departure and arrival and also building good relationship with our customers. 

  • Integrity:  We will be consistent in our actions, values, methods, measures, principles and expectations. 

  • Patriotism:  We commitment sense of solidarity and love for our country including ethics, cultural, political and historical aspects. 

  • Accountability:  Our accountability principles to building in discipline and integrity being honest about likelihood of delivering on commitments, and apologizing when something goes wrong.

The Mandate of Civil Aviation & Airports Authority (CAAA)

Somaliland Civil Aviation and  Airports Authority is to provide aviation  safety and economic  regulation in the most effective, quality and technology driven to the satisfaction and benefit of all stakeholders.

The Authority adheres and maintains the International Standards and sustainable development of aviation constant with the National Economy.

The Main Functions of CAAA

  • To inspect and foster the safe development of the Civil Aviation and Airports.
  • To control and maintain its Airports and provide the necessary services.
  • To provide Air traffic Control Services, Flight Information Services and Aeronautical Services.
  • To provide adequate Fire fighting and rescue services.
  • To provide and co-ordinate search and rescue in emergencies.