Our Passenger Handling Services Include

  • Airport Meet & Greet
  • Baggage identification and onwards tagging
  • Departure and arrivals support
  • Airport Lounges
  • Ticket sales
  • All gate activities
  • Lost and Found services
  • Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility

Our Services in RAMP Handling include

  • Parking the aircraft
  • Loading and offloading the aircraft – baggage handling
  • Passenger and crew transportation
  • Aircraft towing
  • A/C cleaning (interior/exterior)
  • Water and toilet services.
  • Complete range of auxiliary equipment (GPU, air start, lighting, stairs, etc).
  • Safety

Our Services in Ground Operations

  • Airlines Representation.
  • Liaison with local airport authorities, obtaining traffic rights, landing permits and time slots.
  • Load Control & Documentation
  • Weight & balance, loading/off-loading instructions reports, filing according to IATA, ICAO and airlines requirements.

Flight Operation Services

  • Coordination of aircraft servicing units.
  • Preparation and distribution of flight documents (customs declaration, loading instruction, load sheet, manifest, weather forecast, flight plan etc.)
  • Load control, weight and balance calculations
  • Transmission and reception of all operational messages, notification of all related units
  • Communication and coordination between aircraft and ground services.

Cargo Services

  • Acceptance of export cargo documents.
  • Physical control and preparation of export cargo.
  • Monitoring cargo for proper loading to the aircraft.
  • Custom transactions of export cargo.
  • Detection of imported cargo and necessary actions follow up.
  • Completion of the imported cargo documentation.
NASHA is a pioneering company in the Hargeisa, Somaliland for ground handling and cargo operations.
A diverse and dynamic organization which continues to win accolades citing our people,
our operations and our safety records as the best in the industry.

Contact us

  • Phone: +252633322227
  • Email: info@nasha.so
    Egal International Airport,
  • Hargeisa – Somaliland