At Egal International Airport you can find a place to park your car while waiting for someone, and during your departure. We suggest to all the different departments that use parking at Egal Airport to maintain the working order and follow the parking instructions.

The parking is divided into three types.
  • Normal passenger parking
1st hour will be charged 9000SL shilling, extra hours 4500SL shilling
  • park and fly

24Hrs will be charged at 18000SL Shilling. And you will find at the site.

1) Car wash service (Car wash)

2) Tyre pressure
3) CCTV camera
4) Security

We will serve you at a great price.
  • staff parking
and you will get a pass card, it will be charged 5$ per month.

International NGOs, and national NGOs and companies will be charged $30 per month.

Mohamed abib Adan