Star Fuel Jet 

History of the Business (Profile)

The Star Aviation International was collectively founded in 1999 byOsman Abdi Hassan and his brothers
all of whom have a significant number of years of experience in business and administration.
Star Aviation International is the country’s leading Aviation Company.
Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by
operating responsibly& safely, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies
and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

Given the current and the future challenges of the increasing number of Aircrafts
(Especially bigger aircrafts such as Boeing 737-800) Star Aviation has recognized
the need to be more proactive in delivering quality services, hence the company has brought
in new technologies over the years and will continue to provide quality services to its customers .
The company has been identifying and clarifying probable future areas of
opportunity and has increased its aircraft fuelling trucks, trained its employees,
and increased its storage capacity to cater for the bigger aircrafts and meet the increasing demand of our customers.

Star Aviation already had a long-established reputation for providing good services to its customers
for the past 20 years, as well as long-term thinking with a dedicated scenarios and a team that provides a better services.

We have been serving many well-known national and international airlines.Our customers include,FlyDubai,
Ethiopian Airlines, AIR-ALARABIA, UNHAS, Airtraffic, African Express, Jubba, Daallo, Fly SAX, ICRC and  Gallad Cargo etc.

Mission Statement

We are committed to meeting the Somaliland's growing demand for jet fuel in an economically,
 environmentally, and socially responsible manner.


Vision Statement

We endeavor to have a greater sensibility in understanding in what is expected
of our company and strive to continue meeting these expectations in a more precise manner.


Company Registration Number

Commercial License L/LAM 453

No of Employees


Fuel Source


Depot Fuel Capacity

350,000 Liters

No. of Refuelers


Truck 1. 18000 Liters

Truck 2. 5000 Liters

Truck 3. 19000 Liters

Truck 4. 19000 Liters

Fuel Price

Since fuel prices fluctuate we sell mainly based on the regional market.


General Information:



 Hargeisa Somaliland.



Line +252(2) 566333

Mobile: +252634426021,




Year Established


Company Status

Private Limited Company (Ltd)- Limited by Shares

Registered Office

Hargeisa, and it has a Branch Office in Dubai

Contact Person (s) for enquiry

Osman Abdi Hassan- 00971506513308

and Ismail Abdi Hassan (Mob:+252 634426021)

Abdimalik Abdillahi  ( Mobile :- +252634422667