Department of the Mandate and Objectives

  • Responsible for all Airports in the country and its management.
  • Supervise and monitors the operation of the airports
  • Receives monthly reports from all airports managers, forward to General Manager.
  • Responsible for fire services at all airports and safety procedure.
  • Responsible for ensuring and maintaining the quality of fire service airports
  • Responsible for investigation incidents and accidents at airport.
  • Responsible for the construction of new projects at the airports.
  • Responsible for preparing the necessary operations at the airports
  • Responsible for airport boundaries and fences, and animals hazard protection


Current projects

  • Completion of  Fencing and Rehabilitation  Offices in Erigavo Airport
  • Completion of  Fencing and Rehabilitation  Offices in Borama Airport
  • Existing design for the Erigavo Airport
  • CCTV Modernization & Update in Hargeisa Airport
  • Rehabilitation of Tower for the  Borama Airport

Planned Project

  • Covid Compliance Project in Hargeisa Airport
  • Master Plan for the Hargeisa Airport
  • Solar Electric System in Hargeisa Airpor.


Director of Airports Biography
Abdikariim Mohamed Beihi.


  • Currently the Director of Airports for Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority
  • Former Director Human Resource Management HRM
  • Former Director of Civil Aviation  DCA
Educational Background 
  • Civil Servant Institute        Degree Development MNG
  • Amoud University: -         Public Administration
  • Has more than 23 years' experience for public service , specially Civil Aviation and Airports
  • Ministry: -                     Deputy /Director of Civil Aviation
  • Ministry: -                    Deputy /Director of Planning.
  • Hargeisa Airport: -      Airport Operation Manager & Deputy Airport Manager              
  • Hargeisa Airport: -      Head Airport Operation Officer.
  • Borama Airport: -       Airport Manager.                         
  • Borama Airport: -       Airport Accountant Officer & Deputy Airport Manager              
  • Burao Airport: -          Assistant Airport Accountant Officer.                 

 Somali native and English

Abdikarim Mohamed Beihi
Director of Airports
Civil Aviation and Airports Authority - CAAA
Republic of Somaliland.
Tel: +252634420041+252636520000