This section is responsible for the management and operation of Air traffic services within the
Somaliland airspace and
adjoining oceanic areas in accordance with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practice

 Air Traffic Services are provided for the purpose of:

Preventing collisions between aircraft ; Preventing collisions on maneuvering areas between aircraft and obstructions on ground ;
Expediting and maintaining the orderly flow of air traffic ; Providing advice and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights
; Notifying appropriate organizations on the need for Search and Rescue and assisting such organizations as required

Functions of this section:

  • ​Carry out air traffic control in Somaliland airspace during flights accurately and safely according to the procedures and regulations established and required by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in order to prevent aircraft from crashing into each other in mid-flight.
  • Providing navigational services and guidance required to organize air traffic at airports and through airline routes in coordination with adjusting centers operating in the region.
  • Monitoring the equipment and personnel in the maneuvering area and parking aprons.
  • Assist pilots by giving directions, taking the necessary and required actions, informing the concerned authorities and coordinating with them to deal with any incidents, in case of emergency.

With increased traffic and demand for improved safety ,
national plans exist to assist in GNSS-CENTRED PBN implementation to enable a seamless,
harmonized and cost-effective navigation service from departure to final approach that provide benefits in safety ,efficiency and capacity