Department Overview

The Department of Policy, Planning, Coordinating and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) 
is mandated to develop the overall CAAA  growth and transformation strategy including its long-term strategy to guide systematic,
consistent, and sustainable development.

Structure of Planning and Statistics Department:

  • Planning & Policy
  • Communication    
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
  • Statistics & Research


Major Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Coordinating formulation and preparation of the CAAA medium-term strategic plan, annual action plans, and budgets.
  • Strategic plan for Civil Aviation and Airport Authority in line with the National Development Plan (NDP) and Government direction.
  • Compiling reports on CAAA projects, programmes, and action plans and develop strategies.
  • Preparing a report that showing clearly the objectives that have been achieved .
  • Preparing annual work plans and development programmes for CAAA; preparing strategy documents for the Departments.
  • Coordinate the mid-term review exercise.
  • Organize and coordinate the CAAA and meetings periodically.
  • Organize quarterly coordination meetings to review the progress of the implementation of plans/programmes by departments/divisions.
  • Coordinate  National Development Plan(NDP) and Projects..
  • Coordinate the M&E requirements of projects and programmes of the CAAA
  • Preparing and submitting technical and performance reports on M&E activities to the Top Management.
  • Preparing monthly activities and statistical report (No. of Flights, passengers, and Cargo) information system.
  • Provide Data Annual report that is accurate, really effective that about CAAA's economy.
  • Working closely with departments to ensure that data collected for purposes of evaluating development policy performance is credible and the high quality.
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual statistics. 
  • a database management system is kept up by managing upgrades and updates to maintain that system.
  • Assisting and connecting the planning with the official statistical indicators in economics, social and demographic fields.
  • Updates and developing the CAAA’s website.
  • Monitoring & Evaluates the performance and progress of programs and projects.
  •  Produce publishing online a quarterly magazine on CAAA’s activities and development.
  •  Producing Quarterly Booklet CAAA Statistics (FLTS, passengers and Cargo).

Planned Programmes

  • Access staff training that upgrading knowledge .
  • Producing Quarterly Booklet CAAA  Statistics and reports ( Flights, Passengers and Cargo).
  • Preparing Annual Workplan for the Department (2022)
  • Preparing Annual Workplan  and development programmes for CAAA. (2022)
  • Coordinate NDP-III and  Projects.




    Full Name :Aniza  Mohamed Hussein

Job Tittle   :    Director of Planning & Statistics Department
Phone        :    00252-63 4423746

E-Mail        :