This department structured along standard ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, SARPs.
The responsibilities include airspace management and the provision of safe and efficient air navigation services to the users of the Somaliland airspace

Mandate and objectives

  • Responsible for the air traffic control and its management
  • Procedures forward to general manager
  • Responsible for aeronautical metrology information service and its management producers.
  • Responsible for the aeronautical metrology section and its management procedures.
  • Responsible for air communication equipment and its management procedures
  • Responsible for preparing policies and strategies for Somaliland air space
  • Responsible for air space management and preparing procedures forward to general manager.
  • Responsible for airport towers, managements and its equipment’s forward to general manage.
  • Responsible for instrumental landing system, and its equipment’s at airport
  • Responsible for managing and controlling airport lighting and its guidelines
  • To raise the safety standards
  • To Increase the efficiency of international air navigation

Services provided

Preventing collisions between aircraft ; Preventing collisions on maneuvering areas between aircraft and obstructions on ground ;
Expediting and maintaining the orderly flow of air traffic ; Providing advice and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights
; Notifying appropriate organizations on the need for Search and Rescue and assisting such organizations as required


Planning project

  • Ensuring availability of spare parts for all equipment to improve availability and efficiency of  facilities
  • Install, test and commission newly purchased facilities.
  • Ensures all the services for the compliance with the standards and recommended practices
  • With increased traffic and demand for improved safety ,national plans exist to assist in implementation to enable a seamless,
  • harmonized and cost-effective navigation service from departure to final approach that provide benefits in safety ,efficiency

 Services of  department

The Air Navigation Services and Airspace Section is responsible for regulating the following:

              1. Air Traffic Service (ATS)

               2. Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS)

              3. Aviation Meteorology (MET)

              4. Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

             5. Airspace Management (ASM)

Communication Navigation Surveillance

Communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) are the three main functions that form
the infrastructure for air traffic management and ensure that air traffic is safe and efficient

  • Maintenance of all ATS Communication, Navigation and surveillance Systems
  • Inspect, monitor and control the reliability and availability of CNS facilities.
  • Ensuring availability of spare parts for all CNS equipment to improve availability and efficiency of CNS facilities
  • Install, test and commission newly purchased CNS facilities.
  • Ensures all the services for the compliance with the standards and recommended practices


Airspace Management

The purpose of which is to manage airspace - a scarce resource - as efficiently as possible in order to satisfy its many users, both civil and military.
This service concerns both the way airspace is allocated to its various users (by means of routes, zones, flight levels, etc.)
and the way in which it is structured in order to provide air traffic services

  • Preparation of STAR, SID and ATS route charts based on the available air navigation facilities
  • Design of Instrument Approach, Departure and Arrival Procedures.
  • Assessment of obstacles within the vicinity of an airport within the airspace and give the appropriate decisions.
  • Giving the necessary professional support in the event of selection of a new site for airport/air strip
  • Preparation of air traffic control services procedures based on the ICAO rules and regulations


This section is responsible for the management and operation of Air traffic services within the Somaliland airspace and
adjoining oceanic areas in accordance with the ICAO Standards and Recommended.


    AIS section

 The aeronautical information service is established in supported of international civil aviation,
who objective is to ensure the flow of information necessary for the safety, regulation efficient international air navigation.





Director of Navigation and Airspace 

Mohamed Hussein Jamac
Current: Director of Navigation and Airspace
Civil Aviation and Airport Authority
Former: Director of Department of Security
Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transportion
Hargeisa Somaliland.
Former: Airport Manager    International Airport (Government).Hargeisa Somaliland.
Former: Deputy Airport Manager  Egal International Airport (Government).Hargeisa Somalilan
Education Background:
Bachelor of Accountant; Civil Service Institute,
Diploma of result Based Management Civil Service Institute
English: Good both speaking
Somali: Mother tongue.
Maxamed Xuseen Jaamac
Director of Navigation & Airspace
Director of Navigation & Airspace OFFICE. Hargeisa Somaliland
Tel: 00252 0634223221 or 0634249293