Aviation Services
1. Policy formulation and forecasting development.
2. The management of the air traffic to and from Somaliland.
3. Develop rules for the management and development of airports.
4. To formulate policies and strategies to guide and improve aviation in the Republic of Somaliland.
5. Ensuring that the safety and security of the aviation trade and the development of the public interest are properly protected;
6. Leading aviation in Somaliland.
7. Develop and enhance the reputation and service of the Airport.
8. To expedite the management and smooth operation of the services of the country's airports.
9. Lead, develop and maintain the air traffic control system
10. Develop good and clear systems that can respond to the needs of the population.
11. Monitoring and Supervising the development of the Somaliland Air Transport Network, which is economically viable and promotes local and regional.
12. And other duties and responsibilities assigned to them by the laws of the country.