Director of Information technology: Hamse Adan Ali 

Services of the ICT Department

Each member of the IT department fulfills an important role for the company. Some are responsible for multiple areas of the IT department,
especially in smaller companies. In other circumstances, there may only be one IT professional within a company. Here are the main responsibilities within the IT department

Somaliland government empowers to expertise the field of information technology (IT) in public sector. Therefore,
government institutions need a reliable source of computer database systems. In fact,
IT department is one of the key drivers of the service in the 21st century when it comes technological systems, infrastructure, and overall functionality systems.

Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports’ Authority ICT department consist of several sections as indicated in the chart
Therefore, each ICT section fulfils an important role for the Civil Aviation and Airports’ Authority (CAAA).

Network and Security Section

This section responsible both software and hardware configuration, protection, confidentiality and accessibility of data utilization.
Moreover, the section provides reliable and efficient services to the Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports’ Authority agent.
As challenges arises from technology filed triggers to develop network security strategies.
Network and security section provides the best solution required as long as computer systems and services are dynamically evolving.

The main responsibility of the section include:

  • Maintaining all related software and hardware issues in security wise.
  • Working with stakeholders accordingly
  • Identifying current technological issue in security trends. 
  • Proposing new security solution to enhance agent database security.
  • Communicating with vendors to implement security solutions.
  • Configuring and implementing intrusion detection systems and firewalls.
  • Installation and configuration of the security infrastructure devices
  • Performing penetration testing to evaluate the security of the IT infrastructure and Systems.

Technical support Section

Indeed, IT and electronics appliance encounter distinguish problems throughout accessibility of the employees and uncertainties due to the environments.
Hence, computer
systems require troubleshooting assistance from the support section then support team.

Consequently, duties of the section include:

  • New software and hardware installations
  • Recovery and resolve in digital backup assets.
  • Network issues trouble shouting
  • Process documentations
  • Install and configure new printers, copiers and other equipment
  • Research and propose latest IT supplies.
  • Any other technical assistant/support needed by the departments. 

System and Database Section

Government Official Documents are assets that requires to keep and update.
Thus, systems and database section responsible to keep track if the public data well protected from loss and corruption.

The chief duty of the unit encompass:

  • Appropriate software installation and its maintenance. So, the section deploys the right operating system for the CAAA database server.
  • Data transformation and loading.
  • Special data handling. Data can be categorized as text, image, sound and videos, hence, these data need to be monitored accordingly.
  • CAAA Database backup and recovery. It is due to the section to plan and execute the best practice of that ensure the necessary steps of the precautions in order to save and recover any important database.
  • Security risk respond. It is due to the segment to identify potential risks and weaknesses of the agent database, so that it can be practiced the best risk respond strategy.
  • System authentication: Employees’ accessibility is an essential aspect of the database security. This allow each employee to utilize his/her own privilege so that certain information can be accessed accordingly.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the system performance: Dynamic environment allow some database may expire or outdated, thus, after evaluation some data are changed while other add additional hardware capacity or software may be changed.
  • Proposing an improvement of the current systems/databases or new systems according to the needs of the departments.

Projects of the Department

Current Projects:

  • Central Server installation and Configurations
  • Point to point Network: Wireless Networks at Civil Aviation and airports’ Authority Head Quarter and Egal International Airport.
  • Deploying of Somaliland flight Statistics Database system.
  • All IT and Electronics equipment registration, maintenance and upgrading
  • Parking control and management system upgrading (PCMS)
  • Airport operational database, Human Resource and Financial databases for example.

Planned Projects:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects all Somaliland functioning Airports to the central server installed at CAAA HQ.
  • Security and Access Control System (SACS) such as card reader
  • Fire alarm system (FAS)
  • Management Information System
  • Flight Information display system (FIDS)
  • Solar Permanent Airfield Ground Lighting for Egal Int. Airport









Information and Communication Technology
































Effective ICT system developed and maintained in accordance good practice in use of technology, procurement, user support, and technical compatibility, in support of the   Civil Aviation and Airport Authority functions and technical and administrative needs.

 > Effective acquisition and maintenance of Civil Aviation and Airport Authority hardware, software, and network capability.

> Modern systems and database capability progressively strengthened.

> Develop standard operating procedures and best practices, including providing written protocols and guidance to IT staff and to end-users.

> Ensure the creation and maintenance of all written documentation, including system and user manuals, license agreement, and documentation of modification and upgrades.

> Study and assess current and future ICT regulations, needed by the Minister.

> Sort out the status of the implementations of the ICT regulations, guidelines, and standards prepared by the Civil Aviation and Airport Authority ICT.

> Keep current with the latest technologies and determined what new technology solutions and implementations will meet system requirements.

> Develop and implement all IT policies and procedures, including those for architecture, security, disaster recovery, standards, purchasing, and service provision.

> Introduces and maintains computerized information system to process data efficiently to produce useful and timely information. 

> Provides the appropriate hardware, software, networking and communications infrastructure for automation.

> Provides the highest level of data security, confidentiality and integrity.

> Ensures a safe and reliable computing environment.

> Provides a high degree of availability and recovery of its systems.   











Systems and Databases





































Modern system of developing system and databases in alignment with the Civil Service ICT standards and rules

>Modern systems and database capability progressively strengthened.

> Carry out existing analysis.

> Functional system specifications of new applications and applications are re-developed.

> Map of the location of all data within the Civil Aviation and Airport Authority systems.

> Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) of procedures in the light of information technology opportunities.

> Systems design caters for seamless integration with existing systems and as far as possible anticipated future ones.

> Project development cycle, related documentation standards, and overall procedures followed.

> Documentation up to and including the phase of the functional system specification, Introduce completed projects to the user, and follow up the integration of newly installed software in organizations.

> Testing of newly completed applications for conformity with functional specifications.

> Supervise data conversion exercises.

> Interface between the Departments within the Minister and other Government MDAs for IT related issues.

> Provide oversight (i.e. audits and compliance with operational policies & standards) and direction visa-vis IT related issues to ministry in the different sectors.

> Development of test plans.

> Interface of the Minister with external service provides for the management of outsourced Information system development projects.

> Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs.

> Testing and evaluating new programs.

> Identifying areas for modifications in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications.

> Writing and implementing efficient code.

> Deploying software tools, processes metrics.





Technical Support
















Modern system user support ensuring that staff are supplied with necessary equipment

> Users of ICT hardware and software develop required competency.

> Provide day-to-day support of all Electronic Government Operations.

> Support for all first level desktop operating system issues.

> Provision of information system software support for deployed systems.

> Manage outsourced first level maintenance contracts and software support.

> Interface between Government organizations and third party service providers for systems support and first level maintenance contracts.

> Assist Electronic Government users in the use of allocated resources.

> Support other sections technically with the integration of the various information systems and with other specific technical issues.

 Network Security














Modern system for ensuring the security of the ICT infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access, interference damage, and loss of data



> Administration and management of networking infrastructure

       > Procure new hardware on behalf of the Civil Aviation and            

           Airport Authority.

> Ensure network stability and security Undertake for the systems and their configuration.

          >Ensure the delivery of the full range of network-based    

            Services and maintain center server rooms for the 

            Consolidation of Civil Aviation and Airport Authority servers.

            > Administration and management of all Civil Aviation and

Airport Authority server infrastructure Define

Minimal /desirable hardware standards for the Civil

Aviation and Airport Authority.                                                    > Conduct a thorough risk assessment, identifying vulnerabilities within a network, and creating firewalls, or configuring system to enhance existing security features.                                                                > Respond to, and document, any security threats, resolve technical faults and allocate resources to deliver real solution in a cost-effective way.                                                                                               > Understanding complex technical issues and managing them within a fast-paced business environment.                                               > Maintaining all the software and hardware in relation to security. > Documenting security certification > Identifying current and emerging technology issues including security trends, vulnerabilities and threats.                                                                           > Searching and implementing new security solutions to better protect the organization.                                                                              

 > Conducting proactive research to analyze security strategies.

> Liaising with vendors to implement security solutions.

> Undertake the role of project manager for outsourced

Civil Aviation and Airport Authority hardware and       

Networking projects.



ICT Director Biography

Hamse Aden Ali


  • Currently ICT Director of Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority
  • Former Technical and Maintenance Manager of Somaliland’s Airports.
  • Former Electrical and Electronics Engineer of ministry of Civil aviation and air transport.
  • Previously Network switching subsystem (NSS) (or GSM core network) Engineer of Nationlink Telecom

Education Background:

  • Have Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering from IIUM University of Malaysia.
  • Master of project Management from University of Hargeisa
  • Master of business administration (MBA) from University of South Wales.
  • Cisco Networking.


Have 7 years public work experience plus 4 years of private sector especially
Telecommunication field. Also, 15+ years of teaching experience from primary school to University level.


  • English: fluent.
  • Arabic: fluent
  •  Somali: Native
  • Bahasa Malaysia: Moderate.
    Hamse Aden Ali
    Director of ICT Department
    Civil Aviation and Airports Authority - CAAA

    Republic of Somaliland.
    Republic of Somaliland.
    Tel: +252634425848