Qatar’s Corvid-19 Aid to Somaliland

May 16, 2020, Qatar Emir Air force landed in Egal Airport International carrying a medical aid to Somaliland. The aid include PPE, masks and hand gloves.

This aid came the right time as Somaliland registers new cases every day. Yesterday, the ad hoc task for coronavirus announced 19 new cases, 11 men, and 8 women, told by Ministry of Health.

11 out of the 19 infected people live in Hargeisa while six other people live in Borome, Awdal region. Somaliland Health Development Ministry’s Director General said the total number is 87 while eight died of corvid-19.  

In recent days, the coronavirus spiked exponentially.  

this aid preceded by UAE food Ramadan aid. The president Muse Bihi in his interview with Al Aiyn news channel, said Qatar had no ties with Somaliland but an enemy of the DP Word contract to take over the Berbera seaport upgrading and expanding.