The director of the airport department of the Civil Aviation Authority, Mohamed Hussein Jama, inspected the construction of the Borame airport, the foundation stone of which began in November 2023. issued a press release detailing the work done and the near-term plan for the completion of the airport.
The Civil Aviation Authority's policy is that all Somaliland regional airports are operational, including Borame airport, which is scheduled to be completed by the 6th to 7th summer season.
Borame Airport, which is an important airport for the community of the western regions and the overall connection of the country, will be part of the efficiency of the region.
The director said that it was successful to seal and complete a 2KM runway that will enable local flights to land, as was completed at Eerigabo and Burco Airports.
The leaders of the region, the people of the district and the government of Somaliland cooperated to reopen Borame airport, and today we are at the end.
Thank God.
@Office of Public Relations
Somaliland Civil Aviation and Airports Authority.